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Reflections & Connections: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences

News about Select Stem Programs, or programs that include Stem, by country/region.
Africa: - WAAW Foundation working to advance STEM education for African women, CRDF Global, Peace and Prosperity through Science Collaboration

Australia: - Australia's National Program, Austrialian Science & Mathematics School, Women in STEM in Australia from the Women in STEM Resource Hub.

Brazil: - Press Release, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Announces Plans to Extend Scholarship Program, June 24, 2014.

Canada: - DreamCatcher Mentoring has successfully matched over 1,500 students with Canadian professionals around the world.
Status of STEM education in Canada

Chile & Costa Rica: - Final Report of GBIF Mentoring Project 2011-2012 Mentoring Project carried out by the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica (INBio) to design and implement a National Biodiversity Information Management Network; providing training to participants in the use of main standards, etc.

China: - JA China organized STEM Innovation Camp in Beijing, Peking University, and Peking Univ School of Electronics Engineering and computer Science

Europe: - European Schoolnet

France: - Literature review of Stem education

India: - Introducing the Girls’ STEM Education Program in India

Japan: - TOMODACHI Initiatives

Korea: - KOFAC

Latin America: - LACCEI: Latin America and the Caribbean consortium of Engineering Institutions.

New Zealand: - STEM initiatives and issues

UK: - National Stem Centre UK

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