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Chemical & Engineering Research
Research trends in innovative anti-corrosion additives
Reprint of full text with permission from APCJ: Asia Pacific Coatings Journal
Identify cutting-edge technologies.
Select innovative additives for novel polymers.
Research green technologies.

Business & Intellectual Property Data
Gather data for strategic business development.
Identify alternative technology.
Investigate the global marketplace.
Monitor topics/patents.

State-of-the-art Analysis
Click for recent technical publications list.
Prepare technical updates and identify research needs.
Review failure analysis literature.

Sales Information
Match products with potential buyers.
Identify new and emerging markets.
Monitor brands via social networking sites.

Teaching & Publication
Publish technical articles for international journals.
Teach how to search the web and databases.
Create a short online research module for a college English course
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Non-profit Information
Identify assets of 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations.
Create a list of funds' development officers.

Holocaust & Historical Research
Digitize and proof original materials.
Research children lost in the Holocaust.

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