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Ring in the New Year with Research from Raskin
Cleveland, Ohio: Do you have a tough question related to the materials sciences?

Information Specialist, Rosa Raskin, advises that to increase profits, you need cutting-edge information.

Whether you are a company executive, materials scientist, business analyst, or other professional, Raskin will provide timely services including:
  • identification of models for new/improved materials or composites,
  • state-of-the-art literature reviews including failure analysis,
  • selection of local and global market indicators,
  • current awareness,
  • discovery and intellectual property research,
  • business intelligence.
Raskin is adept at electronic searching. Using deep web and fee-based databases, she can find that needle in a haystack, paint a broad picture, and/or anticipate your questions. She has a unique background in the depth and breadth of the materials sciences and is dedicated to helping you.

With over 25 years of experience as an information specialist she will aid you in retaining your loyal customer base and attract new prospects. Raskin responds with a mutually agreed upon fee and offers excellent value-added benefits customized for you.

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