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White Rose by Gerhard Schlinke

A major influence in our family's love of learning as immigrants to the U.S.A. was Rebecca Balcher.
I think of Rebecca often when I have a challenging research project. She provided our family with our first reference work, the World Book Encyclopedia. I remember my father studying the encyclopedia for hours as did my mother and siblings. I am reminded of Rebecca when I see my beautiful Bible on the living room table, when I cook a large meal for extended family, read a good book, attend a dance, see a play, have a pizza with everything on it or view a beautiful landscape.

Photograph of Gamla by Connie Balcher Inukai

Rebecca was a mother to six of her own children, Shari, Connie, Aharon (Art), Chuckie, Louie, Eddie and to many others like me. Rebecca's daughter, Connie Balcher Inukai, remains my closest friend. Both of our families have traveled life's high and low roads.

Rebecca Balcher was a wonderful friend to my mother. Rebecca and my mother, Louise, were born in 1917 and celebrated birthdays, talked to each other on the phone and spoke of their children and grandchildren with much pride. Rebecca's ancestors came from Lodz, Poland, the birthplace of my father.

Lodz later became the Lodz Ghetto, a site of horrors beyond words during the Holocaust. Connie inherited the gift of caring from her mother. Connie always encouraged my father, a Holocaust survivor whose first wife, Sylvia, and daughter, Eugenia, my older half-sister, disappeared in the Holocaust.

Our family bonds remain strong. Connie's picture is included with those of my two sisters. My mother wants photographs of Connie's children to place with her grandchildren on her living room table.
Dear Rebecca,

Wish you were here to advise us,
love us and remind us to be thankful
for our families and our many blessings,
the most precious was knowing you.

With Eternal Love,

Rosa & family
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