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Martial Arts Statistics

More than 130,000 participants in Canada

All Ireland Martial Arts Info Site and another Ireland Martial Arts site including expenditures is at Irish Open International Martial Arts Tournament

Market Research Studies of U.S. Participants in the Martial Arts

Numbers of participants in the U.S.A. in past years as quoted from Simmons Market Research American Demographics, May 1, 2003.

Organizations for Martial Arts

Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF)

United States (USA) Martial Arts Federation (USMAF)

International Martial Arts Federation

USAMAF Affiliates & Partners

International Martial Arts Association

Martial Arts Directory, USA search old and new directory for a comprehensive search of martial arts schools, facilities and instructors in the U.S.A.

Marketing, Classes, Franchising and Museum for the Martial Arts -- links to full text articles:

Martial Arts Franchising

Martial Arts Museum opened in 2007

Governor Granholm plans to allow mixed martial arts events 12/13/2007, 4:30 p.m. EST,The Associated Press, LANSING, Mich. (AP) Backers say the bills are needed to draw professional events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the state.

Portals to Information on Martial Arts, supplies, styles, encyclopedia, Trade Show

Portal to Martial Arts information

Martial Arts Industry Network idea exchange on the business

There are over 540 U.S. Patents on the Martial Arts via the United States Patent Office.

Martial Art Links Directory Exchange

Market Research Reports Sources

American Sports Data, Inc's report Trends in . . (abstract, Table of Contents, online at link cost $375.00)

Dialog's PROMPT and other fee-based market & other databases have many hits on martial arts, cost depends on depth of search. Industry Forecasts and data included in the PROMPT database.


Complete Martial Arts Site of 4,693 links

Links to 99 market research links with a small summary free list but each entry has a fee (very general not as good as a fee-based database search).

Fighting Arts article based on a nationwide, market-research study performed on behalf of


IBISWORLD martial arts industry reports search.

What is the best way to market a martial arts school?

Seeking martial arts market research data.

Martial arts school lands VC funding for U.S. expansion

White Paper on the Sporting Goods Industry 2000 - Japan Market overview and estimation/forcast for shipments and retail market includes Martial Arts and many others. EUR 828.00 Trend analysis and best prospects for the 21st century Market trends by product category: Key factors of growth/contraction, total shipments and breakdown by product, changes in import and export, selling products, consumer preferences, retail business trends, and outlook of the market.

Unusual free report on Search Engine Optimization Report - Sports - Martial Arts

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