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My hero is Dr. William Rod Sharp, an entrepreneur, dedicated to making this world a better place for all of humanity (click here for his CV and research interests).

Dr. William Rodney Sharp represents and promotes the best in biotechnology. His never ending quest for excellence in scientific endeavors serves as a model for his peers and students of all age groups, to whom he is dedicated. His exciting and stimulating visions serve as a "Guiding Light" and living legacy.

An unforgettable adviser, William Rod Sharp is beloved by his students, a lifelong teacher to fledgling companies, an expert consultant on the local and international scene, and an influential scientist, all describe this remarkable humanitarian.

Overcoming personal obstacles, Rod Sharp has dedicated his future to the development, success, and prosperity of local and worldwide organizations improving the health, education, environment, and agriculture in advanced and emerging nations.

Dr. Rod Sharp credits his introduction to science and the excitement of discovery to the institutions in Cleveland, Ohio's University Circle. Included below are links to a small sample of his accomplishments as identified by one of his students who is especially appreciative of his work on Taxol, by Monroe Wall.

We look forward to future works on this website about this humble yet great leader and thank Dr. William Rod Sharp for mentoring all those who seek his advice on a broad range of subjects.

Rod Sharp: Notes: Graduate School - New Brunswick "received the prestigious Medal of Honor, the highest honor of the Luiz de Queiroz Agricultural College of the University of São Paulo. He is one of the key scientists responsible for paving the way for the application of biotechnology in Brazilian agriculture.The university has named a wing of its Biotechnology Center the "Rod Sharp Wing."

Rod Sharp: Global Biodiversity Institute Board of Directors mission of GBDI is to provide the most up to date information and training in biodiversity and biotechnology to scientists, lawyers, intellectual property professionals (IPRS), government officials and other stakeholders in developing countries to stimulate economic development and biodiversity conservation.

Rod Sharp: TTCP Award Recipients for FY 1999 from the New Jersey Commission on Science & Technology. "Thermophyl, Inc., a start-up company in Annandale, New Jersey, and American Cyanamid, of Princeton, New Jersey, are working with the Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University, to accelerate the commercialization of natural products derived from deep ocean microorganisms. Dr. William Rod Sharp, Chief Executive Officer."

Rod Sharp: New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Rutgers University/Cook College served as Director of Research of Rutgers and the third oldest agricultural experiment station in the nation, the legislated research and outreach arm of the state of New Jersey dealing with agriculture, renewable natural resources, youth development, and family and consumer sciences.

Rod Sharp: ADEC ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL - American Distance Education Consortium.

Rod Sharp: Ohio State University News identifies an endowed Professorship in Rod Sharp's name.

The Second Monroe Wall Symposium on Natural Products Discovery, Biodiversity, and Biotechnology: Building Novel Alliances

Rod Sharp: New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest, 2000 Freshwater Fishing Issue Rod Sharp is listed on the Endangered and Nongame Species Council Advisory Committee (p. 2).

Rod Sharp: Management for Environmental Results ...

Rod Sharp: The American Society of Pharmacognosy

Dr. William Rodney "Rod" Sharp, 2007 University Distinguished Service Award Recipient

William Rod Sharp is the father of the famous movie producer, Jeff Sharp. Jeff Sharp produces movies that continue to win many awards.
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